EQW&L in Trieste

The project coordinator, Anna Chiara Giorio, took part in the Annual Review Meeting (RAR) between the European Commission, the central administrations and the ESF Managing Authorities, held in Trieste on the 7thand 8thof November 2019, to present the EQW&L project at the III session – FSE – Human Resources Subcommittee.

In this framework, the coordinator presented the general objective of the project, that is to facilitate women’s access to labour market and to improve men’s participation in care work. The coordinator also underlined the type of beneficiaries of the project, non-workers and unemployed people, who are hindered from a getting a job by their reconciliation needs. In particular, the main innovative aspects of the project’s expected outputs are linked to the strengthening of the employment centres and to the next ESF programming.

With reference to the PES, through the creation of a work life balance toolkit, the project activities contribute to strengthening the skills of the operators and testing tools aimed at helping people who have reconciliation needs and want to enter and/or re-enter the job market.

With regard to the next programming of the ESF interventions, the experimental-innovative character of the project – funded by the European EAsI-Progress Program – was underlined. The results of the project, if positively evaluated, will contribute to the programming of the ESF interventions.